Booth Packages & Prospectus
Kentia Collective
(LAMKT @ LA Convention Center)

To ensure maximum marketing exposure, all booth packages include the Standard Promotional Package offerings, including:

  • Personalized Registration Code - we will send you your own, unique registration code/url to add to your own buyer evites, social media and website. You will receive $25 for every new company that attends the event through your show code.
  • Show website listing, including links to your website, extensive company information, including show specials and new products
  • Inclusion in printed show guide or addendum listing
  • Access to full attendee list- Please note, exhibitors may receive the mailing list one time during the show cycle, so please plan your request around your scheduled promotions to get the most updated list.


Click here to download the full prospectus kit for Kentia Collective @ the LA Convention Center.

Choose from the following booth package categories:

World Style

A special section designed to accommodate retailers’ immediate needs with a blend of global style and fashion resources available for immediate delivery or order-writing.

Booth Package - $2,345
Additional Booth - $2, 245

Includes: 8' Pipe & Drape (three sides in line / two sides corner), carpet, ID sign, wastebasket, choice of one (1) draped table (4', 6' or 8'), two (2) chairs and on-site drayage.

For Booth Options Contact: Bryan Cook: | 678.370.0339

Jewelry Cash & Carry

A wide range of fine and fashion jewelry, fashion accessories and other items- all available for immediate delivery to the trade.

Booth Package #1 - $2,345
Additional Booth - $2,245

Includes: 8' Pipe & Drape (three sides in line / two sides corner), carpet, ID sign, two (2) chairs, wastebasket and on-site drayage.

Booth Package #2 - $2,500
Additional Booth - $2,400

Includes: Same as above plus choice of three (3) draped tables (4', 6' or 8').

For Booth Options Contact: Jim Walker: | 678.370.0360  OR Shashin Patel: | 678.370.5718 OR Joseph Lee: | 678.370.4576


Vintage, antique and one-of-a-kind items appropriate for display as well as resale- all available for immediate release to the trade and restocked daily.

Booth Package - $1,630
Additional Booth - $1,530

Raw space including drayage.

For Booth Options Contact: Bryan Cook: | 678.370.0339

LA Value

This section is designed to accommodate retailers actively searching for large volume general merchandise, kitchenware and houseware resources in a range of categories.

Booth Package - $2,140
Additional Booth - $2,040

For Booth Options Contact: Jim Walker: | 678.370.0360  OR Bryan Cook: | 678.370.0339

Raw Space Packages Also Available

$1,840 first booth
$1,740 additional booth 

All Categories. 4-booth minimum. Restrictions apply.

Corner Fee: $250

Show at a Glance
FEBRUARY 17-19, 2017
LA Mart
Los Angeles, CA
FEBRUARY 17-20, 2017
LA Convention Center
Los Angeles, CA
678.285.EXPO (3976)